Lecturer Attitudes and Behavioural Intentions to Use Learning Management Systems in Vietnam


  • Pham Ngoc Thach Hanoi University
  • Phuong Hoai Lai Hanoi University




learning management system (LMS), technology acceptance model (TAM), attitude, intention, structural equation modelling (SEM), Vietnam


This study aims to explore lecturer attitudes to, and intentions for, using a learning management system (LMS) in a Vietnamese university. Its two main purposes are to
(a) identify the factors that influence lecturer attitudes and intentions to use an LMS, and
(b) examine the causal relationships among the factors. To achieve this aim, the study used Davis’ (1985) technology acceptance model (TAM) as a baseline. The study expands the original model to include two constructs: perceived internet self-efficacy (PIS), and support to use (SU). The results of the study revealed that PIS was a significant direct predictor of lecturers’ perceived ease of use and behavioural intention to use an LMS. However, the support to use construct did not predict perceived ease of use. The study suggests that institutions should conduct an in-depth survey of teacher needs to assist with making well-informed decisions about developing an LMS for future emergencies.

Author Biographies

Pham Ngoc Thach, Hanoi University

Thach Pham is Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hanoi University, Vietnam. He has nearly 30 years’ experience of teaching English at different levels of study and in different environments: in class, online, and on television and radio. Thach Pham completed his PhD at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia in 2015. His particular interests are in using technologies for English language teaching and learning, producing educational materials, and teacher training.

Phuong Hoai Lai, Hanoi University

Hoai-Phuong Lai is a lecturer in the Faculty of Management and Tourism, Hanoi University, Hanoi, Vietnam. She has a master’s degree in finance and control, and is teaching data analysis, statistics and finance. Her research interests and experience are in corporate finance, behavioural finance, and university autonomy.