Manu Tukutuku, ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu - empowering learners to soar. Phase One; Opening the doorway for Māori to succeed in a digital community where cultural capacity and knowledge is valued and respected.


  • Christine Te Kiri Te Aho o te Kura Pounamu



Māori achievement, engagement, distance learning, online learning, student and whānau voice,


This paper discusses Māori student achievement and how the first step to enable this is engaging the whānau and the student in situations where their mana and tuakiri remains intact. The paper identifies steps for culturally critical and sustaining practice when engaging whānau and students. It highlights some positive examples as well as reflecting on lessons learnt. This is phase one of a multi layered project - Ngā Manu - Manu Tukutuku empowering learners to soar.

Author Biography

Christine Te Kiri, Te Aho o te Kura Pounamu

Christine is unashamedly passionate about Māori succeeding as Māori in whitestream spaces. She has taught across all age levels and in all settings,(bilingual, kura kaupapa and mainstream classes). She continues to strive for a better future for her children, her mokopuna and their future.