Using an online Learning Management System to personalise learning for primary students


  • Bronwyn Edmunds Freemans Bay School
  • Maggie Hartnett Massey University


E-learning, LMS, Learning Management System, primary, elementary, personalising learning, Assessment for Learning, AFL, KnowledgeNET, teaching and learning, pedagogy


This paper reports on one aspect of a descriptive multiple-case study which set out to explore the role of a Learning Management System (LMS) in personalising learning for students from the perspective of three primary school teachers.  The intention was to provide insight into the role an LMS could play in classrooms when personalising learning.  The research project involved gathering multiple sources of data from interviews, observations and documentary information from the LMS. The findings suggest that an LMS has the potential to be a key part of a primary classroom environment which is built on the components of personalising learning.  For the teachers in this project, one salient component of personalising learning involved ensuring learning was built around assessment for learning pedagogy and the use of the LMS as a tool to support learning.  The findings highlighted the interconnected nature of personalising learning pedagogy, the LMS and classroom practice.  


Author Biographies

Bronwyn Edmunds, Freemans Bay School

e-learning and curriculum leader at Freemans Bay School.

Maggie Hartnett, Massey University

Lecturer at the Institute of Education at Massey University, e-learning and educational psychology. Coordinator for the Post graduate diploma in education (e-learning) and Masters of education (e-learning).