Ready, Steady, Study: Implications of Online Learning for Early Childhood Teacher Education


  • Karen du Plessis New Zealand Tertiary College
  • Lisa Walker New Zealand Tertiary College
  • Christopher Naughton New Zealand Tertiary College


early childhood education


Online learning is a relatively new mode of study for educating early childhood teachers in New Zealand. This review discusses online learning and the need for preparation to learn in an online environment. Following a comparison of traditional and online modes of study, the paper reviews online learning in general and relates it to the early childhood context. The importance of a dedicated orientation for early childhood student teachers in an online learning environment is fully justified.

Author Biographies

Karen du Plessis, New Zealand Tertiary College

Karin du Plessis is a Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at New Zealand Tertiary College. She has a strong research interest in all areas of e-learning, including transferring academic teaching skills to the online environment
and student experiences of e-learning. Currently she is involved with conducting the second phase of a pilot project around Web-enhanced learning.

Lisa Walker, New Zealand Tertiary College

Lisa Walker was an e-Lecturer at New Zealand Tertiary College and was instrumental in conducting research around the Web-enhanced learning platform. She has since moved on to pursue other interests.

Christopher Naughton, New Zealand Tertiary College

Christopher Naughton is a Lecturer and
Researcher in Online Distance Learning at New Zealand Tertiary College. He previously worked in secondary and primary music education at the University of Auckland and was a Lecturer in Primary Education at the University of Exeter.