Extending the Territory: From Open Educational Resources to Open Educational Practices


  • Ulf-Daniel Ehlers Baden-Wurttemberg Corporative State University




This article examines the findings of the recent OPAL report Beyond OER: Shifting Focus from Resources to Practices. In doing so, it defines current understanding of open educational resources and open educational practices, and highlights the shift from open content to open practice. The article includes a framework for supporting open educational practices. The conclusions emphasise that open access is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the opening of education, and foreshadows ongoing moves toward changes in educational architectures that promote increased uptake of open educational resources and wider application of open education.

Author Biography

Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, Baden-Wurttemberg Corporative State University

Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers is an internationally recognised researcher and innovator in the area of e-learning. He has extensive experience in helping individuals to achieve superior learning performances and has run lighthouse initiatives in the field of e-learning and knowledge management as well as e-business, including knowledge-technology consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises.