Video Conferencing in Distance Learning: A New Zealand Schools’ Perspective


  • Rachel Roberts TaraNet


This article sets outs to trace the development of video conferencing in distance learning in the New Zealand secondary school sector. It begins with an overview of the definition and development of distance learning; then traces the technology of video conferencing from its inception to the present day. It goes on to look at the growth of video conferencing and the role and
contribution it has made to distance learning in New Zealand schools, and concludes with a brief discussion of possible future directions.

Author Biography

Rachel Roberts, TaraNet

As one of the first graduates of Massey University’s Distance Learning Bachelor of Education programme, Rachel has first-hand experience of the value of ICT in teaching and learning. She has actively pursued this interest by continuing postgraduate work in the area of learning and educational technologies and in her career pathway as BardWired ICTPD Facilitator, and in her current role as ePrincipal for TaraNet.