Keynote: What is the State of E-Learning? Reflections on 30 Ways Learning is Changing


  • Curtis J. Bonk Indiana University



distance learning, online learning, futures, learning preferences, social connectedness, blended learning, technology-enhanced learning, OER


This paper is based on a keynote talk delivered at the biannual DEANZ Conference, at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand in April 2016. As highlighted in that talk, we have entered Education 3.0; an age filled vast resource abundance and extensive opportunities for learner empowerment. During the past decade, there have emerged at least 30 different ways in which learning in changing; for instance, it is becoming increasingly collaborative, global, mobile, modifiable, open, online, blended, massive, visually-based, hands-on, ubiquitous, instantaneous, and personal. These 30 learning and technology-related changes reflect three distinct “mega-trends;” namely, (1) learner engagement, (2) the pervasive access to learning, and (3) the customisation and personalization of learning.

Author Biography

Curtis J. Bonk, Indiana University

Curt Bonk received his master’s and PhD degrees in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Curt Bonk is now professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University and president of CourseShare. Drawing on his background as a corporate controller, CPA, educational psychologist, and instructional technologist, Bonk offers unique insights into the intersection of business, education, psychology, and technology. A well-known authority on emerging technologies for learning, he has coauthored several widely used technology books and reflects on his speaking experiences around the world in his popular blog, TravelinEdMan.