Integrating E-portfolios: Guiding Questions and Experiences


  • John Milne Massey University
  • Eva Heinrich Massey University
  • Isabelle Lys Massey University


This paper presents a case study of the use of an e-portfolio in a human biology distance course that aimed to foster student refl ection on assignment feedback. An academic developer used a guided question approach to help the lecturer consider pedagogy, administration, and student support of the e-portfolio activity. The authors present student feedback of their e-portfolio experience and the summative assessment for the e-portfolio activity. They
also consider the challenges of introducing e-portfolios in a single course.

Author Biographies

John Milne, Massey University

John Milne is a research project manager in the Centre for Academic Development and e-Learning at Massey University. He is an e-learning specialist with expertise in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of e-learning. He worked on a year-long project implementing lifelong learning and e-portfolio approaches in the College of Science.

Eva Heinrich, Massey University

Dr Eva Heinrich is a senior lecturer in computer science at Massey University. Her main research interests are in
e-learning and higher education. She works on projects such as e-learning supported assignment assessment,
lifelong learning with e-portfolios, learning from writing for computer science students, and learning communities for higher education teachers.

Isabelle Lys, Massey University

Dr Isabelle Lys is a lecturer in health and life sciences in the Institute of Food Nutrition and Human Health at Massey University. She is a molecular biologist with research interests in food quality and health protection
and promotion.