E-lectures within an integrated multimedia course design


  • Koenraad Kuiper University of Canterbury
  • Colin McMurtrie University of Canterbury
  • Gregor Ronald University of Canterbury


online learning, e-learning, technology-enhanced learning, flexible learning, flexible delivery, instructional design, course design


Course design should be student-centred in that courses are designed for students. But the consequences of that imperative differ from course to course and from student to student. This paper describes two courses that take student-centredness seriously. It also contextualises the way in which these courses are presented. Since students have different cognitive and affective styles and different social and personal backgrounds and approaches, a variety of presentational approaches are outlined which are integrated in each course. The courses are presented traditionally in lectures, practical workshops, and tutorials, but also in a textbook, downloadable PowerPoint slides, and, innovatively, as QuickTime movies in which the PowerPoint is integrated with a voiceover from the lecture. Online quizzes and surveys are also provided so that students can receive feedback on their progress and on communal views. None of this is possible without accommodating presentation vehicles. These are also described.

Author Biographies

Koenraad Kuiper, University of Canterbury

Professor in the Department of Linguistics

Colin McMurtrie, University of Canterbury

IT consultant with the Information Technology Department.

Gregor Ronald, University of Canterbury

IT consultant with the Information Technology Department.