Global picture, local lessons: E-learning policy and accessibility


  • Fiona Murray Massey University


online learning, distance education, e-learning, distance learning, tertiary education, government strategy


An integrated pan-sector e-learning strategy is being developed by the New Zealand government through the Ministry of Education. An integral part of that strategy will be the development of a Tertiary E-learning Framework that focuses on enhancing accessibility, increasing relevance, and ensuring high-quality learning outcomes within the tertiary sector. In order to inform this strategy, the Ministry of Education is currently administering the second round of the Tertiary e-Learning Research Fund (TeLRF). The research fund was established to support and encourage rigorous research into tertiary e-learning in the New Zealand context. The Ministry of Education is funding e-learning research which will establish both the current context and future impact of e-learning in the tertiary sector

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Fiona Murray, Massey University

Lecturer, School of Curriculum and Pedagogy.






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